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Parents, you are the most important spiritual leader in your child's life. Maybe you've heard this somewhere before, maybe you haven't. Either way, chances are pretty good you feel defeated and unequipped to handle this overwhelming responsibility. For those who long to raise spiritual champions in the home, but feel inadequate or intimidated, this book has one message: RELAX. Letting faith flow down to the next generation is as simple as loving God with all your heart and letting his Word spill over to your family through daily opportunities. You really can do this. In fact, you are exactly the one God wants to use to bring your family to Him. It's time to rise up in your home and let faith flow down.

New Resource for Parents!

Who will tell Michelle true, important things about God? This little book introduces young children to big truths about God, while gently encouraging  a missional worldview. Get your copy first, then check out "Remington's Song" below featured in True and Wonderful Things.

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